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|| 27.02.2009

iDesktop.tv Goes To Mini-Seedcamp Paris 09

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"Wow. You guys are really good. Thanks again for your help."
Bob Rench
Stewardship Development Ministries
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Web Design, Docleaf, crisis management, risk audits, emergency planning, brand protection,  media training,  reputational risk
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// Articles
iDesktop.tv has been named in the Top 100 Tech Media Companies!
iDesktop.tv has been named in the prestigious Tech Media Invest Top 100 list, announced in the Guardian Newspaper.

The list, sponsored by PricewaterhouseCoopers and Kemp Little, showcases the top 100 most innovative entrepreneurial companies in the UK, and was chosen by an Advisory Board which includes many of the country’s leading investors in technology and media.

iDesktop.tv is in the TechCrunch News Again!
TechCrunch Europe once again have heaped praise on the new version of iDesktop.tv

Click read more to see the full post.

Simplicity vs Innovation in Web Development
Every web site should be innovative in design and content, but, when it comes to usability, a slightly conservative mindset is the best option.

The advantages of a custom built website
Main advatages of using a custom built website for personal or business needs.

10 good reasons why you should have a custom corporate screensaver
Custom developed screensavers represent one of the the greatest advertising opportunities in electronic marketing.

Web 3.0 and The Semantic Web
A new type of Internet is on the horizon, far more powerful than the one which lets you link up with your friends or watch a video uploaded by a stranger.

Google Web Development of Applications and API’s
Public access to the Google search engine through custom applications is possible through the Google API's.

Web Development for an Effective Online Business
Good web development is one of the most important assets a small business can have. The question that’s rising is what exactly makes a business website good?

Web Development
With the establishment of Web 2.0 many start-ups and companies seem to be developing a new set of web development practices. New ideas about Web applications seem to necessitate new ways of making those applications.

Microsoft Silverlight Technology
Microsoft Silverlight is a cross-platform, cross-browser plug-in for delivering the next generation of user experiences and rich Internet applications for the web. The technology is formerly known as Windows Presentation Foundation/Everywhere.

Web 2.0, Mashups and Social Networking
Web 2.0, mashup and social networking are three different new terms which are all intertwined in the new Internet, the so-called second phase of the evolution of the online world. But the question is what does all this mean and how do these three techniques interact with each other?

New Technologies for Web Application Development
The traditional web application by entering data, clicking a button, and then waiting for something to happen is well known to all of us. Today, users of web sites no longer accept this kind of interruption in their workflow. They expect a web application to work with them, to respond immediately to any action they take.

Using Flash in web design
Flash is a powerful web technology that achieves a high level of visual impact from the graphical point of view and it is widely used in web design. But Flash technology presents several problems that go against the way most people use the web. Flash must be used in instances when it actually enhances the value of website’s content and must be avoid when the appearance is less important than the information on the site.

Top 10 SEO Tips
Creating a website is an easy job, but if you want your site to be popular and visited, you must be aware of some SEO tips. Perhaps everyone that has tried to optimize a website for search engines has heard a lot of tips, but which are the most important? There are different opinions but we have tried to gather and refine all of them to create a true list of the top ten most important tips. They are ordered not by importance but following the steps of creating website.

Webmaster Radio - Yes an online radio for Webmasters
Need some background noise while you're working ?
Knowledge is power.

Well Webmaster Radio is for you.

This is an excellent source of information for all webmasters. It has excellent guests and wonderful tips. It has guests from all over the world. Watch out for the UK presenters.

We also recommend you go into chat rooms for the real tips.

The Top Ten Reasons Visitors Leave Your Site
Do you ever wonder why your web traffic has dropped?
Have you made some changes and not sure what it could be ?

Well here are some hints from Larisa Thomason, at NetMechanic, Inc.

It will help you improve your web

Should I add a Blog on my site? Does it really help?
A blog is basically a journal that is available on the web. The activity of updating a blog is "blogging" and someone who keeps a blog is a "blogger."

Blogs are typically updated daily using software that allows people with little or no technical background to update and maintain the blog.

Now do you require one ? Well we will let you decide on this after reading this great article from www.seochat.com. Its a great article and we are sure you'll like it.

Why do some of my emails I send out end up in my clients spam box ?
Yes we have all been here before.

'Did you get my email?'
'What email?'

The receiver's email client thinks you have sent them a spammed email.

What if you can avoid these problems in the first place ? Well here are a list of tips that you should keep in mind when spending out emails.

NEW FREE Google Calendar - Take a look
Yes Google have done it again, another FREE tool. So what's the big deal about a free web-based calendar application? Plenty, when Google is the company putting it out.


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