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"Give your web site or online marketing efforts an edge with clever, creative multimedia design. Screensavers, desktop toys and interactive CD-roms are just the beginning. Our custom solutions merge cool animation, high impact graphics and blazing sound, thanks to the latest technology and our talented team."

// Multimedia - Take a look at what we've done for our clients in areas including:

Desktop Toys Custom Screensavers Interactive Presentations CD-ROM Business Cards e-Cards Games Custom CD Player Creating PDF Image Optimization PowerPoint Presentations

Desktop Toys

Create a viral marketing campaign by releasing a desktop toy and spread your brand’s message. Our talented designers and programmers will work with you to create your custom toy.

Some of our clients like to take the design into their own hands and for them, we offer Jugglor from FlashJester. Jugglor lets you turn Flash into stand-alone programs that do some pretty cool things.

Here are some examples of what we’ve done with our clients.

Red M ScreenMate
Created with Jugglor by Atmosphere, the interactive unit of the BBDO-group, Red M hangs out onscreen and shows you the latest movie from M&Ms that plays on a pop-up window. You can drag him around and have some fun.

MudBubble teamed up with 3rd Eye to create Bubbaloo, the desktop fish. Add him to your desktop and this low maintenance fish takes care of himself. MudBubble created the animation and 3rd Eye transformed him into a desktop toy.

Desktop Derek
How would you like your own personal desktop weatherman? The BBC Wales New Media group used Jugglor to bring Desktop Derek to life. He shares current weather conditions around Wales. Even if you’re not in Wales, he’s pretty entertaining.

Desktop Baby
Here’s a nanny-free baby that minds himself and your desktop. Developed by GlassPage, the realistic animation was created with Poser and then put together using Jugglor V2’s transparency feature.

Custom Screensavers
Capture the hearts, minds and computer screens of thousands with a dynamic custom Screensaver created just for your company. For cutting-edge Screensavers with high visual and auditory appeal, 3rd Eye Solutions brings together animation, interactivity, graphics and sound for a complete experience. A 3rd Eye Screensaver does not just sit on the screen, it brings the screen to life.

3rd Eye Solutions offers two methods for Screensaver development. Our Screensaver pros will help you decide what is best for your project. Plus in addition to fabulous design, we will produce and package Screensavers so they are ready for distribution to whomever you choose.

1. Scratch

With this method, we'll design your Screensaver from the ground up with programming specifically tailored to your specifications. Through this approach you can choose the special features you want included to ensure you get the custom Screensaver you are after.

2. Flash Transformation

Method two lets you take advantage of 3rd Eye's proprietary Screensaver engine that transforms Flash Projector files into Screensavers. Flash is the future of Screensaver development, and we were one of the first to take advantage of this capability for our clients. We will design a Flash Projector file for you and turn it into a Screensaver. Or if you have an existing Projector file you'd like transformed into a Screensaver, we can do that as well.
Interactive Presentations/CD-ROM Business Cards

Let us take your presentation and give it a new spin or add some dimension to the traditional business card. Don’t just tell someone what you do, show them with a multimedia CD that showcases your business or product. It’s also great for interactive employee training that can be launched from a CD-ROM or online.
Highlight your company's products, services or programs in an intriguing digital format. Provide key information in an interactive environment that keeps people interested. CD-ROMs are great for catalogues to introduce products, for training modules or as tools to introduce and explain new company policies. There are endless opportunities. Make a break from printed catalogues, handbooks and brochures and go digital.


Offer e-Cards from your website, let us develop hot promo cards to share news or create digital invites for events. Animation, interactivity and even sound, are available for your card creation. Why send a text e-mail or paper card when you can send an experience with 3rd Eye's custom created e-Cards?

Ready to play? With a custom game designed for your site, watch traffic increase and see users come back for more. Expect awesome interactivity and fun animation enhanced with music and sounds. Plus each game's small file size means people won't have to face a long download. That makes for happier game players.

Custom CD Player

Looking for a new way to promote a band, album or music event online? We can create a digital CD Player to play your designated tracks. The skin of the player is completely customized to fit your brand or band. It’s a cool viral marketing tool to let the music play.

PDF Creation

PDFs are great for online distribution of information and allows for easy offline viewing and printing without compromising content. We can take existing documents and convert them into PDFs or create them from the ground up.

Image Optimization

Are your photos web ready? We offer affordable services that will fine-tune your digital imagery, change background colors and give the best clarity when viewed online.

PowerPoint Presentations

Give your PowerPoint Presentations an edge with interactivity and dynamic visuals. We’ll take your file and transform it, so your presentation is engaging and memorable.

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/ Our Clients

Web Development - Hancocks Mortgage Services, Kent, Mortgage Broker UK, Mortgage Advisors UK, Mortgage Services UKWeb Development, Echopark Consulting, Consultants UK, Business Change ManagementLogo, Branding, Risk Free UK, Risk Free Consulting, mortgage processing system, mortgage packaging systemWeb Design, Docleaf, crisis management, risk audits, emergency planning, brand protection,  media training,  reputational risk

Hancocks Mortgage Services are independent mortgage brokers based in the UK. The company tapped 3rd Eye Solutions for a new corporate identity as well as a new website. The website was designed to improve content organization and site navigation. A backend CMS-system was also included to allow for handling website updates internally.

Echopark Consulting, UK-based consultants a website, but it wasn't communicating the breadth of services it offered. 3rd Eye Solutions was brought in to create a more professional site that showcased the consulting company's work and services. Echopark also wished to handle website updates internally, so 3rd Eye created databased-driven template pages so site was easy to use and update.

Risk Free UK, Ltd. provides financial consulting and software to businesses. 3rd Eye Solutions was brought in to makeover the existing site and provide branding support as well as logo and product packaging design.

Docleaf provides employee assistance programs, crisis management and executive coaching to corporations. They asked 3rd Eye Solutions to redesign the company website and help streamline their client survey process. The website's system was updated in PHP, and 3rd Eye created a PDF format for all their surveys, so clients could easily respond and transmit results back to the main office.

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